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What’s the best way to use my ingredient suppliers to help with R&D?

What’s the best way to use my ingredient suppliers to help with R&D?

By Dr Mahsa Majzoobi

The suppliers of your ingredients do not only sell ingredients but also can provide valuable technical support to ensure you choose the right ingredients to maximise product quality, minimise cost and extend products shelf life. It is important that you make time and develop a professional working relationship with the food suppliers and their technical team and benefit from these resources.

Choosing the right ingredient that fits the purpose is key to success for any R&D project. Two ingredients may come with the same name but could have completely different performances, therefore access to technical information and knowledge of food ingredients would surely help you save time and resources and most importantly can shorten product launch time. Professional engagement with ingredients suppliers who could have a wealth of knowledge and invaluable expertise helps manufacturer save time in developing innovative products that require unique texture, structure or flavour.

Having access to the right ingredients is only the first step towards manufacturing a shelf stable high-quality food product. Your ingredient suppliers could be a good source of knowledge, experience and expertise, not just the ingredients. Your ingredient suppliers can help run your R&D projects throughout the lifecycle of your products by providing:

  • Ingredients technical information, specifications and functionalities to assist you select the right ingredient for the right purpose
  • Ingredients nutritional table to enable you to work out the impact of each ingredient on nutritional table of the final food product
  • Innovative technical advice to maximise ingredients performance and product quality and minimise cost
  • Running production trials using new ingredients either off site and on site to select the right processing condition to manufacture high quality foods
  • Advice to replace unavailable or expensive ingredients without compromising the product quality
  • Timely solutions to achieve R&D targets while minimising the required time and resources